Medtrade Spring

1. Overall, how satisfied were you with Medtrade Spring 2012?
Very Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied

2. Do you feel participation in Medtrade Spring was a good business investment?
No, please explain why: 

3. How often does your company exhibit at Medtrade Spring?
This is the first time
Some years, but not most
Most years, but not all
Every other year
Every year

4. Did Medtrade Spring help you meet or exceed your goals and objectives?
Did not set any goals

5. If you answered "No" or "Did not set any goals" to the above question, please explain why?

6. List your three favorite things about Medtrade Spring 2012:

7. List the three things from Medtrade Spring 2012 that you feel could be most improved:

8. What prompted you to exhibit at Medtrade Spring this year?
I have exhibited at Medtrade Spring in the past
I have attended Medtrade Spring in the past
I received an email
Salesperson contacted me by phone
I saw an ad
I visited the show website
A colleague suggested we participate
New to the industry and heard that Medtrade was a good place to introduce ourselves
Other, please specify: 

9. What was your company's primary reason for exhibiting at Medtrade Spring 2012? (Check only one)
Generate leads
Meet existing customers face-to-face
Competition was there
Brand building / awareness
Introduce a new product
Demonstrate new equipment
Support the advocacy efforts of the industry to repeal Competitive Bidding and other bad legislation
Networking opportunities
Education opportunities
Other, please specify: 

10. Were you satisified with the key decision makers and influencers that visited your booth?
No, please explain why: 

11. How would you rate the audience size?
Larger than expected
What I expected
Smaller than expected

12. Are there other segments of the health care industry you would like to see at Medtrade Spring?

13. If you answered "yes" to the above question, please lists which segments you'd like to see at Medtrade Spring:


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